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Buy Ins - Buy Outs

Structured "Buy-ins" can be a useful tool for an owner to transition their ownership to another veterinarian. The seller continues to reap the benefits of profit-sharing during the transition, in addition to her salary, resulting in a total value that can exceed corporate offers. The buyer can benefit from practice ownership, while further developing the skills needed to become an independent practice owner. The profit sharing paid to the buyer allows the cash flow generated by the practice to pay for the buy-in financing.

As the new “owner” works at the practice, the value of the business is likely to grow allowing both buyer and seller to receive benefits of the growth in value. The "Buy-in/Buy-out" can be a great fit for sales to a current associate, a veterinary relative or to a new private party. With the right structure, third party financing is available to provide cash to the seller at the initial closing. Once the initial buy-in is successfully completed, the remainder can be sold or restructured in much the same manner as the first step. At Monarch, we have years of experience structuring and financing these transitions. We would be happy to explore if this type of deal could be right for you.