Monarch Business Consulting can act as your representative, dealing with real estate agents, contractors, architects, banks, etc. while you focus on practicing veterinary medicine.   We can help with property acquisition, zoning, building design, demographic studies, finance and construction.   We can save you a lot of headaches and avoid costly mistakes in your project.  Because of our extensive experience in these ventures, we will save you considerable amounts of money. Let us help you make your project a success!

Project Design – Monarch can help you with the planning and design of your project.  Because we are practicing veterinarians, we have a first-hand perspective into the way a practice functions.  We can help design your project to fit the way you practice.  We have a working relationship with several veterinary achitects with extensive experience in the veterinary field.  We can also work with your local architect to outline the veterinary specific needs of your facility.  Mistakes in the design and construction of a veterinary facility can haunt you for years.  We are here to help you avoid these costly mistakes.

Construction- We will work with the contractor to make sure your project is completed in a timely manner and on budget.  We will manage the headaches for you!

Finance- We work with a variety of veterinary lenders.  Let us help you choose the best bank and loan type for your practice or project.  We will do this at no charge to you.

Financial Advice – We will work with you to develop a business plan within your budget to maximize your practice’s success.  We can help with construction estimates, practice income estimates, geographic and demographic analysis, financing and a variety of other factors you will need to consider to grow your practice

Fees – Our fees are very reasonable and based on a small percentage of your total project.